The Infrared Heating Panels by Almac

The infrared heating panels that conquered the Russian market are finally available in a lot of European countries. As of this season we are happy to announce that we are able to ship them from Bulgaria to Romania with minimal shipping costs. Do not miss your chance and start saving from your electricity bill right now! Check out the official page of the Almac Heaters (Инфрачервени Радиатори)


4 Models With Different Output Powers That You Can Choose From:

  • ALMAC IK5 (500 Watts) – Weight: 1.6kg, Dimensions(mm): 730×160×30

IK5 will heat 6-9 square meters for less than 500W per hour and it costs only 97 Euros.

  • ALMAC IK10 (800 Watts) -Weight: 3.3kg, Dimensions(mm): 1330x160x30

IK10 will heat 10-18 square meters for less than 800W per hour and it costs only 135 Euros.

  • ALMAC IK11 (1000 Watts) -Weight: 3.3kg, Dimensions(mm): 1330x160x30

IK11 will heat 12-20 square meters for less than 1000W per hour and it costs only 146 Euros.

  • ALMAC IK 16 (1500 Watts) -Weight: 5.2kg, Dimensions(mm): 1930x160x30

IK16 will heat 16-28 square meters for less than 1500W per hour and it costs only 175 Euros.


Just like the sun the heaters are using the radiant heat principle. Even in a cold place with low temperatures, the FAR infrared technology will make you feel warm once the heaters start working. The infrared rays are warming every object in the room which helps in achieving a more natural feeling. The heating panels are extremely practical and they save a lot of money by reducing your electricity bill significantly! It is already proven that the most economical type of heating is far IR (also known as: warm wave, long wave, radiant) heating.


But It Does Not End There!

Radiant Heating allows human to feel comfortable even temperatures that are typically considered “low”. They do not burn the oxygen in rooms, do not make the aird dry and do not raise dust. The design of the infrared heaters is compact and allows them to look good in any circumstances. They are working without creating significant noise or producing vibrations. You do not have to constantly ventilate the room that often because they air in it does not feel “old or used”.

Our products are proven in the industry. We are selling them with great success for over three years now and we are finally being able to offer them in Romania. The heaters are CE certified and cabapble of running without any problems at 220V. All of the IK models are coming with 3 years warranty. If during this warranty period defects in operation due to the fault of the manufacturer are revealed, the trading organization will repair the product free of charge or replace it in the presence of a sale stamp. The range of selection allows you to choose the best heater or combination of heaters for your needs. If you have any trouble you can use the heating calculator that is on our official site.

If you are interested in purchasing or you are just looking for more information feel free to click on the link below and visit our official website:

Infrared Heaters